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Waterstof in de Industrie

  • Datum:
    donderdag 14 oktober 2021
  • Tijd:
    15:00 - 16:30
  • Locatie:
    Industrie Theater
  • Title: High hydrogen gas turbine retrofit to enable a low carbon reliable electricity system

    Abstract: Flexibility is key to support future electricity generation. The growth in renewable solar and wind energy has emphasized the need for flexibility. Flexibility to reliably balance the load on the energy grid with the ability to rapidly adjust output while using cost effective fuels which also minimize carbon output. Gas turbines with a retrofit for hydrogen operation offers a low carbon solution to support the stability of the energy grid. However, hydrogen is a highly reactive fuel and presents challenges for industry standard dry low NOx combustors to switch between natural gas and hydrogen fuel blends while remaining stable and with NOx emissions always below stringent limits. Significant concerns regarding emission compliance, combustion dynamics and stability must be addressed prior to operation on these fuels. To address this, a consortium consisting of equipment manufacturers, academia and end-users was set-up. The key objective is to develop a gas turbine combustor retrofit solution for fuel flexible operation from 100% natural gas to 100% hydrogen, and any mixture thereof, suitable for gas turbines between 1-300 MW.

    The mainly Dutch consortium, led by Thomassen Energy, developed a road map for gas turbine hydrogen combustor development with the objective to have a demo project with a large gas turbine running on 100% hydrogen by 2024. We recently reached an important mile stone by testing of a gas turbine combustor design that can run on any fuel of mixture of hydrogen and natural gas.

    In this presentation Peter Stuttaford, the CEO of Thomassen Energy will present the HighHydrogen combustor road map, the first test results and potential application for hydrogen retrofits of gas turbines. Professor Sikke Klein of the TU Delft will discuss the challenges with hydrogen application in gas turbines and potential solutions.
  • Sprekers/Partners:

    Sikke Klein
    Sikke Klein
    Peter Stuttaford
    Peter Stuttaford