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Power Quality & Gas Quality

  • Datum:
    woensdag 13 oktober 2021
  • Tijd:
    12:00 - 13:00
  • Locatie:
    Industrie Theater

  • Power Quality: programma volgt

    Gas Quality:
    Greening of gaseous fuels: consequences for the user

    Policy developments and the public opinion make that natural gas will gradually be replaced by renewable gases and electric energy. Examples of potentially renewable gases are biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic natural gas. The presentation will discuss what the effect of changing gas qualities is for the end user and if a direct use of renewable electric energy is not better than using such electricity for the production of other energy carriers. Ultimately, renewable energy is also scarce and it has to be used in the economically and environmentally optimum way.

    - Will the future be a hydrogen economy, an electrical economy or both;
    - How important is a good and constant gas quality for the end user;
    - What might be the costs implications for the end user.

    Jacques van de Worp, sr. beleidsadviseur, VEMW (pending)

    Sprekers, o.a.:
    - Jacob Klimstra, Euromot
    - Chiel Bakker, VEMW
  • Sprekers/Partners:

    Jacques van de Worp VEMW
    Jacques van de Worp VEMW
    Jacob Klimstra, Euromot
    Jacob Klimstra, Euromot
    Chiel Bakker, VEMW
    Chiel Bakker, VEMW