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MEAM | Smart and CO2-free thermal cleaning solution for PFAS polluted soil

  • Door:
    Renaat van Geel, Managing Director Ceo Meam Nl, Meam NL
  • Datum:
    dinsdag 10 oktober 2023
  • Tijd:
    11:45 - 12:15
  • Locatie:
    Praktijktheater Industrie

  • PFAS polluted soil streams have to be cleaned by thermal processing. MEAM has developed a new electrified waste stream process solution-based on micro-wave energy transfer. Besides the advantage of volumetric material heating (much more efficient and faster than convection heating),  the remaining energy in the process is recovered by air flow heat exchangers and additional heat pump systems to preheat the incoming material. (patented by MEAM). In comparison with the traditional soil treatment systems the energy consumption is dramatically lower.  Since the MEAM system is using only electricity,  the use of a windmill generator and/or solar panels can significantly influence the operational costs. For C-ENERGY (Temse, Belgium) a first system will be delivered in 2024.

    • Why is microwave not only a fast but also a smart way in material processing?
    • Avoiding using gas and fuel is possible! Proof of principle by a clear energy balance comparison.
    • It is not only the CAPEX cost, but the total cost of ownership that makes the final difference!
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    Renaat van Geel

    Managing Director Ceo Meam Nl
    Meam NL
    Renaat van Geel